Women 's Influence On The Stereotypical American Culture Essays

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To whom it may concern, in my experience, being a woman is difficult. Throughout American history, gender equality has played a significant role in the stereotypical American culture. The media has had a very large role in the depiction of how women should be portrayed and treated. Throughout the decades many women have faced some serious challenges that unfortunately they still face today. We as a country should have moved on from these stereotypes and false depictions a long time ago due to the natural progression of society over time, but to many women’s dismay, not much has changed. We women are being targeted and molded into what society believes to be the “normal” way to live. When we look back at all this country has overcome, why is it so difficult to diminish the oppressions women face such as equal pay, being fairly and equally represented in the media, and “ slut-shamed”. This practice of unequal representation needs to be eradicated and diminished from our culture. I am hopefully that maybe one day as a nation and society we can come together and exonerate women’s stereotypes and challenges so that we can be fair to all citizens and not just one particular group of people.
Since the time when women were allowed to start working in the 40’s, women have been getting unequal pay in the workforce. When compared to a man’s salary at the same job with the same job title, reports from pewresearch.org say that women make only 84% of what their male co-works…

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