Women 's Fight Against Gender Discrimination Essay

943 Words Dec 11th, 2014 4 Pages
Over the past decade, despite people have advances on gender inequality, but the sexism still prevalent in all aspects of life and in most countries around the world. I was born and raised in Vietnam, where gender biased ideology is extremely prevalent throughout society. It is an ideology in which men are considered more important than women. In the spiritual life of Vietnamese, people must have a son to keep their family lineages continuously growing. This pressure is on from generation to generation. It gradually seep into the minds of people and so many male ideology, contempt women increasingly on the rise. That is the situation in Vietnam. Growing up, I had heard and admired for gender equality in advanced countries in the world, especially the United States. But, now living in the country as the US, I realized that: Although the world has made progress in the fight against gender discrimination still occurs. According to the article by James Surowiecki Valley Boys, gender discrimination in hiring a staff, office and working environment has occurred in large companies in high technology, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter in Silicon valley.

When I heard the name Silicon Valley, I think immediately about the high-tech. That is a place where the door is opened to anyone with talent and intelligence than humans. The staff hiring and wages would be fair to everyone. But in fact, what is happening in Silicon Valley completely opposite. I very much agree with the…

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