Essay about Women 's Beauty During The Victorian Era

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In the last thousand years people have become more dependent on their vision judgment rather than on other feelings as they have started to judge others by their facial features instead of character. At the same time, the ideals of human beauty has been changed among various cultures as well as periods of time. The definition of women’s beauty throughout the Victorian era in Britain is diversified and indeterminate as it was tightly linked with common notions of suitable female behavior in society as well as her physical appearance.
The beauty was an essential element in nineteenth-century female integrity, while a relevant degree of concern with female beauty was supposed to be a constitutive part of her status within society. Meanwhile, the tradition forced women to look good, in fact, it was crucial for them to reflect their beauty since the marriage was considered as the only way for a woman to have a family and express herself. It was also perceived as a female 's sole and a valid goal in the life. Therefore, numerous studies have examined how Victorian women made attempts to be beautiful while avoided to show her sexuality. Dicken 2
The definition of the “beauty” and ideal appearance influenced the judgments and assumptions a person had in terms of other people. To the Victorians, the face and figure expose the internal feelings and sensations of the personality as surely as apparel showed the profession. “The Victorian people recognized those who fit in their…

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