Women Studies Essay

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Ethn: Themes In American Culture
Chapter 3:
The faces of American Schools
-School counsels in low income schools have fewer counselors ( E.g California per 800 students
-School Librarians one for every 5,123 students
-School psychologists one for every 1,383 students in 2007
-Social workers one for every 18,
Three reason s why children do not participant in preschool programs
- Fewer programs are located in their neighborhood
-Many of parents are concerned that traditional values are not being taught in preschool
-Students are not being taught in their primary language in preschool
-Other reasons- if they aren't available , affordable and culturally sensitive than they aren't sending their children to preschool.
How latinos
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-Latino students are less likely to be identified as GaTe students
-sSelf fulfilling prophery with Latino students teachers view gifted
Importance of well Prepared Teachers
- Research study revealed that in the highest minority schools ( 99% of more minority population) 88% of teachers scored in the bottom quartile in the quality index.
-Schools with lowest amount of minority students
-Some cues teachers send to student of color: Low expectation, Send, nonverbal messages about their confidence level
- Failure to call on them in class
- Receiving less praise
- Creating amore nurturing environment
-The longer a principal , superintendent stays in a low income school, the more likely the school academic achievement will rise and vice verse.
-The best superintends will recruit the best principals willl recruit the best teachers
-Therefore , it is important to have the school leadership to be reflective of their school student body
Overall Safety Issues
- A study concluded that bad neighborhoods + study concerns of the community =+ safety concerns with the schools =poo
Extra curricular Activities
-Latino students are less likely than other students to participate in extracurricular activities . Reason Include : Cost , lack of transportation, after school jobs family responsibilities

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