Women Is Not Only Unequal, But Inferior, Or Not? Essay

1379 Words Nov 5th, 2014 null Page
Women have been deemed not only unequal, but inferior, to men for as long as our manipulated historical records can tell. This concept, more than likely, is a result of the process in which ancient societies developed their symbol systems. Early humans formed ideologies surrounding their existence, believing that they had a greater purpose than their nature allowed; they had not been born to this earth simply to survive as animals do, bound to the nature of their bodies, but separated themselves from it, allowing them to achieve things far greater than bodily functions including consumption, defecation, and procreation. This notion of separation from one’s natural body, however, was true only for men. Women, in contrast, have always been defined by their natural bodies and, therefore, their ability to conceive. The belief that a woman’s purpose lies within her womb perpetuates her inability to advance socially, politically, and economically. The symbolic identity men assigned themselves, that they had a greater destiny than to survive menially, inspired the creation of societies, working tools, and developed languages. These, in turn, influenced the progression of technology and intellect. Man was able to achieve far more than any other living creature could imagine. The invention of these things, societal structures and technology alike, assisted the man in separating himself from his natural body. He could look beyond the restrictive limitations and routine functions that…

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