Women And Lgbt Equality For Women Essay

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Women and LGBT Equality Ever since the 1900s and earlier for women, the women and LGBT communities strived in order to gain social and legal equality in the United States. Following the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment that gave women the right of suffrage, women in the United States fought to stop discrimination based on sex. The first movement for LGBT rights started in 1924. While women have successfully achieved social and legal equality in the US from the 1960s to present time, the LGBT community has yet to achieve full social equality because of societal norms that have long been long been hostile toward LGBT persons and their freedoms’. With various acts regarding equal wages, laws about equal access, and awareness organizations that allowed those who were unfamiliar with the problems to familiarize themselves, both groups have made progress toward equality, but women overall have been more successful. During the early 1960s, women were able to receive equal wages and not be discriminated against by their gender after the ratification of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, showing success in achieving financial equality. Before the act was signed, women only earned roughly about 59% of what men earned. After fifty years, the percentage of what women earned increased to 77% ("Equal Pay Act Part 2"). This act allowed women to have higher wages, which resulted in them being able to financially support themselves. With better financial stability, the women were able to…

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