Essay on Wireless Led Display Board Using Gsm

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Wireless LED Display Board Using GSM
Kamal parmar Kamal parmar, M-tech in embedded system, Ganpat university,Ahmedabad. Abstract— LED's are a fantastic way to illuminate any kind of sign, be it lettering or panels.LED Dot-Matrix Displays are a common sight now a day on streets, malls, Buildings, parks and other public places. It is a way of visual information where large LCD and other display become too much expensive. My project is based on the wireless LED board . GSM and GPRS based Designs are Public utility products for mass communication. This is a Scrolling (Moving) Message Electronic Display Board which displays the messages received as SMS.This project provides an efficient for a when we change any
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* Reading Message: * To enable a computer / PC to read SMS messages from a message storage area, the GSM/GPRS modem or mobile phone has to support either of the AT commands +CMGR (command name in text: Read Messages) and +CMGL (command name in text: List Messages). The +CMGR AT command is used to read an SMS message at a certain location of the message storage area, while the +CMGL AT command is used to read SMS messages that have a certain status from the message storage area. The status can be "received unread", "received read", "stored unsent", "stored sent", etc. The +CMGL AT command also allows you to retrieve all SMS messages stored in the message storage area * * Following is an example for illustrating the difference between +CMGR and +CMGL. Suppose you want to use your computer / PC to read a text message from the message storage area and you know the index at which the SMS text message is located. In this case, you should use the +CMGR AT command. Here is the command line to be typed (assume the SMS text message is stored at index 3) :

The GSM/GPRS modem or mobile phone should return something like this:
+CMGR: "REC READ","+85291234567",,"07/02/18,00:12:05+32"
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