Winnie The Pooh Character Comparison Essay

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Through this essay, we will examine Winnie-the-Pooh and A Bear Called Paddington, two of the most classical toy stories, to analyze the attitudes about children and family. Where I will first determine and establish the historical background about the texts. Next, I will seek to analyze the main and significant characters and how each contribute to identifying their importance and significance to the text. Soon after, using Erik Erikson’s eight stage of psychosocial development I will analyze the main and significant characters. With a historical and psychosocial analysis, I argue that these two stories represent values of old and new generation, national identity, and self -identity.
As we know, through the provocative statement of Phillippe
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A. Milne. Thus, introducing anthropomorphic characters that we well know, which include Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Roo, Kanga, Owl and Christopher Robin. Where each of these characters is unique to the story due to the types of characteristics/personality. We are able to see that the main characters of this story is Winnie-the-Pooh and that the only human character is Christopher Robin who is approximately five years old. It is important to note that Christopher Robin is a character that was created by the author A.A Milne after his son who was born in in August 21, 1920. Christopher Robin was born three years after WWI (1914-19180). Where according to Joanna Wilson from the University of Alabama, the stories produced by the author was purposely aimed towards the English and Britain first generation. Indicating that there is a distinct separation between the pre-war generation and the post-war generation. Where the old generation will see Britain as the Britain who became shattered. A Britain who was the superior global untamable nation to a nation who is undergoing an economic and physical toll as part of the aftermath of WWI. Where both there pride, and ego was …show more content…
Erik Erikson is a German-born American who developed the eight stage of psychosocial development. Through his eight stage of psychosocial development theory, Erik Erikson examines the external factors on the development of a child’s personality. The character Christopher Robin is an interesting character not only because he is the only human that A. A. Milne decides to integrate in his story but because assuming that he is about five to six years old he demonstrates leadership skills, autonomy and a vast amount of knowledge. According to the age that this character has, the stage he falls under Erik Erikson eight stages of psychosocial development is the stage of Industry vs. Inferiority. According to Erik Erikson, during this stage a child is able to complete new skills as well as grasping new knowledge. Where is seen by the cleverness of this character in solving the problems presented to his friends. Also, because his theory is based on the component of psychosocial, he greatly emphasizes that during this stage the social development that a child has is important because during this time the child is presented with feelings of inferiority. Where depending on how the child is able to deal with these feelings will determine his self-esteem. Although, Christopher Robin is able to go to the Hundred Acre Wood in occasions, we

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