Wind Energy And Dynamics Essay

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Wind Energy and Dynamics Today many forms of energy exist that assist in creating power to be used on the industrial and commercial level, as well as power the many buildings that reside throughout the United States and the rest of the world. While there are an immense amount of methods that produce power/energy, one of the more recent developments pertains to that of wind energy. Wind energy is considered a renewable energy source because wind is always in supply, whereas fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum are non-renewable resources since it takes them many years to reform after extracting them from the earth. Most notably, wind energy is harnessed through wind turbines, and these turbines can be seen throughout the American southwest. For instance, if one were to travel from Dallas Fort Worth to Midland, Texas they would see a seemingly endless amount of wind turbines producing power. Since Texas has such a windy temperament, the state has taken advantage of this and has become the highest producer of wind energy in the United States. While all of these technical details pertain to wind energy, the science of dynamics leads to the understanding of how wind energy is produced and how I even exists as a power source. Before going into detail as to how wind energy relates to the subject of dynamics, it is crucial to establish an understanding of how a wind turbine works. Wind energy is a process in which wind is harnessed to create mechanical energy which in turn…

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