William Shakespeare 's ' The Night ' Essay

1100 Words Jun 14th, 2016 null Page
The scene was very different than I had imagined it in my head. I got a few things similar like a couple of characters costumes and some of their tones and emotions when saying certain lines, but the majority of the actual play was much different than the picture I created in my mind.

The scene started off with four fairies all running onto the stage having a good time and giggling while running around. They were clearly all very childish and they all came off a little bit immature. They were chasing each other and laughing. I had thought only one fairy would be on stage and just walking through the forest waiting on Oberon. Puck came in through a high window not casually walking through the forest either. The fairies are very interested and curious about Puck when he appears not annoyed or behaving like they were better than him. I had thought that the one fairy would assume he was much better than Puck since he did not play tricks on people and mess a lot of things up. The fairies sounded like they admired him when asking him if he was that fairy that plays a lot of tricks on people. When Puck said he was that person, they all laughed as he told them many stories of pranks he had played on people before. As for their costumes, I was somewhat close. Unlike a more Robin Hood feel, Puck just had brown pants on with no shirt and was covered in dirt. I had sort of thought he would be wearing lots of earth tones, but not quite so dirty. The fairies wore bright…

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