William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 130 Essay

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William Shakespeare Sonnet 130
After I read this poem I find many thing interesting about this poem, in this passage I am going to write about my findings and understanding of this poem.
In the “Sonnet 130” written by Shakespeare in the first line I found the “nothing like the sun” create a rhythm of 5 syllables. The sun is a symbol of bright eye. In the second line coral represent the fair red color. “Red” has repeated twice in this line. In the line three there is a strong stop between the front part and the following part, there is a contrast between white snow and dun breast. In the fourth line it follow the same structure as line three and it compare wires with her hair it is a metaphor. In the line 5 the speaker described the color of the roses “red and white”, in line 6 the speaker use “see I” instead of I see, the speaker use “rose in her cheeks” to describe the fair skin of a woman, start from this line I see the line to describe the girl change from the one line to two lines. In the following line it describe the breath of the woman, the speaker use perfume to contrast with the breath of the woman, the “ mistress” and “reeks” both end with a “s” sound. The next two lines described the sound of the girl, the speaker contrast her sound with the music. In line 11 there is alliteration with “goddess go”, in line 12 the line break in to 3 parts: “My mistress” “when she walks” “treads on the ground”. In line 13 this line also break into 3 parts, the last two lines are…

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