William Shakespeare 's Othello Is Famous For Not Only The Major Acts Of Betrayal

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Shakespeare’s play Othello is famous for not only the major acts of betrayal, but also for the rash decisions the characters make while in love. Most of these decisions was not well thought out and Shakespeare makes an effort to include dialogue that contradicts the expected gender inequality. In a patriarchal society men have complete control over women so much so that women are thought of as products made for exchange. While these things were conventional for this time period, these actions would be strongly frowned upon and even punishable by long jail sentences in this current decade. Throughout the play Othello Shakespeare uses character to show the dominance Othello and Iago have over their wives; however, the dialogue has an under tone of disapproval from the community.
Even though it was acceptable in a marriage for a husband to do with his wife as he pleased in this time era, the community is still shocked at some of Othello’s choices with his wife (Vanita). It may not be acceptable to hit a woman in this current decade, but it should be in that generation. Which makes it confusing that Shakespeare would include dialogue that shows the town criticizing Othello’s actions. After being constantly instigated by Iago, Othello builds up so much anger that he strikes Desdemona in front of the Venetian city officials. Lodovico says, “My lord, this would not be believed in Venice,”(4.1.230). Not only are the officials shocked but this quote hints that he entire city would…

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