William Shakespeare 's Othello - Appearance Vs Reality Essay

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Not everything is what it seems There are many different themes and conflicts that are portrayed in Shakespeare 's play Othello. Shakespeare depicts jealousy, manipulation, and hate within all the characters. The most reoccurring one would have to be appearance versus reality." The characters deceive one another into creating a complete deception of reality. In Othello, "Appearance vs. Reality takes a big role, this is because all of the characters were tricked/manipulated by other characters leading them towards assumptions that were not true. Appearance and reality are two completely different things that can lead into very different outcomes and sometimes the outcomes are to not the greatest. "Appearance versus reality opens the mind to considering how things we see is not really as they seem" (Eugenia Su, Open Mind Appearance versus Reality, 2010). Appearance is generally understood to be how something seems to be by the way it may look. It is when someone judges a person based on an opinion or what is told to them. Reality is exactly how it is, based on the truth and on the facts. Appearance over time has been proven to be deceiving. When these two things are twisted together, situations become complicated. The characters in this play combine the two theories to form a manipulative strategy that deceives the other characters into believing things that are not true, in order to acquire their wants. In Othello by Shakespeare, Shakespeare gives the readers a…

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