William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay examples

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The leader of the country has just been brutally murdered. There is panic and confusion among the crowd. No one is sure what is happening. No one is sure of what to do. This is the perfect time for a persuasive speaker to stand up and grab everyone 's attention. A persuasive speaker is someone who is able to change and strengthen people 's opinions and actions. When William Shakespeare wrote his famous play, Julius Caesar, he describes a scene of a fallen leader and two speakers, one explaining his motives and one inciting the crowd into action. At Caesar 's funeral scene, Brutus speaks first and is trying to quell the crowd 's anger. He is trying to prevent further death and destruction. However, Mark Antony, who speaks after Brutus, is trying to do the exact opposite. He is trying to rile up the crowd, and he is willing to use them to make a power grab. Brutus makes claims to justify his actions, while Antony seeks to disprove them. In Shakespeare 's tragedy, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony delivers a more persuasive speech than Brutus because of his ability to understand the crowd 's behavioral patterns and uses different persuasive techniques to captivate the listeners.

First, Mark Antony generates a more powerful impact from his speech by including glittering generalities. Glittering generalities are emotionally-appealing words that are meant to evoke action and the words may sound great but they have no real reasoning or support for the claim. Antony 's first use of…

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