William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

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Julius Caesar, a play about the lives of Caesar, his “friends”, and the people of Rome has

escalated quickly and become a massacre. Acts I through III were mainly about Caesar coming

into power and the conspirators’ plans to kill him. Caesar was eventually murdered after being

told several times to beware of the Ides of March and to watch his back. Because Caesar was the

ruler of Rome, and was murdered, the city needed to find a new leader. The two men competing

for the role of leader were Mark Antony and Brutus. Mark Antony was not the greatest speaker,

but he won over the people by using facts to prove that Caesar was not a bad leader, as he had

been portrayed by Brutus. Octavius, the commander over the legions, came back to Rome and

sided with Antony, which resulted in violence. Brutus and Cassius joined together to create an

alliance to oppose Antony and Octavius. The fates of Brutus and Cassius will be similar, and

Octavius and Antony’s fates will also be similar.

Brutus was at his camp when he heard that Cassius was coming to visit him, and that was

when things got intense. Lucillius, one of Brutus’ officers, was summoned to talk in private to

Brutus and was questioned about Cassius’ character. Brutus was informed that Cassius is not as

nice as he was previously. Once Cassius arrived to the camp, he accused Brutus of doing him

wrong, but Brutus responded by saying he does not treat enemies wrong so how could he treat a

friend wrong. The…

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