William Shakespeare 's Antony And Cleopatra Essay

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‘Antony and Cleopatra’ is a tragedy/romance play by William Shakespeare. How is his exploration of the human condition open to many interpretations? Good afternoon Mr. Houghton, today I 'll be speaking about how Shakespeare constructs the two races in the text and represents the Egyptian race as the primitive race or the other within the text. Shakespeare uses different literary devices in the text, including the symbolism of Cleopatra as the Nile, swords as a sign of manhood, and Cleopatra 's death in her tomb as a symbol of motherhood and infertility. The tone is suspenseful. The Egyptian scenes are rich in language, the natural world and playfulness, but contrast with the severe and soldierly language used for Roman scenes.
The language that is given to Cleopatra, Octavia and Antony were both dramatic and unclear while Enobarbus and Caesar speak straight and clearly. This contrast separates the characters that are passionate to the characters of reason. Firstly, the racism which occurs to European and African interrelationships between 1st world and developing nations which were most likely colonised can be regarded as historical context. This occurs very often in the play, which is why I am focusing on this text from a post-colonial perspective. The 'primitive ' and 'civilised ' societies in Egypt and Rome respectively show us how race, class and gender are interwoven.
Cleopatra is black while Antony is white, Cleopatra is a woman while Antony is a man, and…

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