William Golding 's Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Entertainment is available in many ways, shapes, and forms in today’s world of technology. Oftentimes we may find that these methods of entertainment are tools for information or even criticism. These criticisms often extend over various forms of media, with the same message being delivered in a different way. This can be seen in Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, which is not only a classic literary novel but also a play. The play version of Lord of the Flies, in which I attended, although staying true to the novel, differed in significant ways from the book itself.
Upon attending the Carnegie Mellon version of the play of Lord of the Flies, the first thing one may notice is that the theme is very different from the book. A theme, in this sense, was the setting of the play, as well as how the main characters dressed, looked, etc. The theme thus differed from the book in the way that the CMU version of Lord of the Flies occurred within a fraternity. This could be seen in the opening scenes where the characters were at a frat party, having a good time. Someone who had read the book would know that the characters in Lord of the Flies were not indeed in a fraternity, but were more like middle school children. Thus, the dancing, hazing, drinking, and other activities which occurred in the beginning never occurred in the actual book and were just used to establish the mood for the play. This was successful, as it tied in very well with the main theme and motifs of the play…

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