William Faulkner Stream Of Consciousness Analysis

Research Statement: I am studying William Faulkner's use of stream of consciousness in the short story "A Rose for Emily," because I want learn how to create interesting fictional round characters in stories.

Beck, Warren. "William Faulkner's Style," in American Prefaces. Spring 1941, pp 199. Web.
Beck mentions that the special styles that William Faulkner used in His writing is he beautifully expressed the words in the story which made them more interesting and exciting. He said that the aim of William Faulkner is to let the reader understand his story by using imagination. William Faulkner is very good at writing lively dialogue which makes his fictional characters more realistic and interesting. Beck commends William Faulkner as “the
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He studied the stream of consciousness technique by analysis Edouard Dujardin's works. Edouard Dujardin is an English editors that James Laughlin ,who was known as the first person used the stream of consciousness, points Dujardin is the inventor of the stream of consciousness. The stream of consciousness is also known interior monologue. After explains Dujardin's works he describes the stream of consciousness technique as a narrative method that authors aim to add colors in their fictional characters. In addition, he used the stream of consciousness in William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury as an examples. He said the author uses this techniques to captures their fictional character's minds in order to provide exciting points of view in the stories. Lawrence Edward Bowling is a good source because his book was collected in JSTOR and the publisher of Modern Language Association which is a professional scholars publisher in the America. This resource will give me ideas on how the uses of stream of consciousness makes William Faulkner writing more …show more content…
He referred the part of Emily in the story as the pastime and the present time is narrator by the first point of view. At the beginning of the story, the uses of we set up a feeling of the town is observing Emily. The gothic elements and the mixing chronological order in the story set up the horror atmosphere. West analysis the theme for A Rose of Emily as people need to overcome for past and present. For past makes foolish mistakes such as HB, and for the present, betray pride to death such as Emily. West divides the Rose for Emily into different sections and interpret them carefully with detailed explanations. He draws the atmosphere and the theme from Faulkner’s messages behind the story. He also explains the relationship between times and characters in the story. Ray West is a relevant source because he has a Ph.D. in English from the State University of Iowa and he is a good at creating writing and Western stories; he also has written many articles and books. This sources will help me understand the how does the atmosphere and the themes in A Rose for Emily makes the story much interesting and

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