William Faulkner's Sound And As I Lay Dying

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William Faulkner American novelist born in 1897 had great works even today. Many of Faulkner’s books have been published over the years. The main stories many people point you to are the sound and the fury and as I lay dying. Throughout the stories many tell about the narrator’s point of view. The novels will explain the life in the south by also using the stream of consciousness and with the monologue and narrative that he uses in the novels. First, Faulkner shows many important perspectives. The purpose of Faulkner’s work is to show much information in a little time. In the light of what has happened in both Faulkner’s fiction and the criticism of him in the 1950’s this study of his approach to his characters, his uses of them, and their role in the general strategy of his fiction is of special value. The sound and the fury and As I lay dying, are very good contributions to the art of modern fiction and the certain parts. The discussion stresses Faulkner’s experiments in narrative perspective and their effect upon his conceptions of the way the characters are the south. (Faulkner preference) …show more content…
The sound and the fury it does two things, it plays upon the minds of the characters with the stream of consciousness of benjy, Quentin, and Jason. “My sister had no. if I could say mother, mother” (TSATF) and it tells a specific story, with certain events leading up to the final story. In the novel as I lay dying, this sort of stream of consciousness is about the only stylistic continuity between all fifteen narrators of As I Lay Dying. The different style and tone used by each character makes you know see the stream of consciousness with each of the characters. The way the story jumps back and forth throughout, the characters help you get to know who they people are really talking.

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