William Bennett's Argument About Gay Marriage

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From William J. Bennett’s article, the person who is known of Americans people from his position in America political, cultural conservative, and writer and editor about cultural issues, points out his argument about Gay marriage with his reason and supporting material. He states that gay marriage would change the structure and principle of society, since marriage is based on the different sexes of a couple. Bennett also explains that same sex marriage would be a cause of confusion and an incorrect social value in society, especially, in education.

Let’s begin with discussing about LOGOS. Bennett’s article explains about his reason to against Gay marriage. His thesis says that “the institution of marriage is already reeling because of the effects of the sexual revolution, no-fault divorce and out- of-wedlock births”(411). Bennett’s article is quite in the same direction as supporting gay marriage and following with his argument about that. For example, in the first period of the article, he talks about the legal of marriage in Hawaii is going to be accomplished. His argument would follow after that. There are more than three mains points that he talks and argues about. Most of his arguments are the effect of gay marriage that are quite big problem social issues because he explain since the destructor of society. However, some arguments have a little bit of bias. There are
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In the same way, love is independent. Everyone can love even if they have any different such as status in social, age, and gender. Bennett states that gay marriage make confusion in society because it became to be trendy in children to act as they are gay or lesbian. I disagree in this point because to be any gender is depend on each individual. These children might act like that for fun but when they grow up, they will choose their way by

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