Wilkinson Volunteer Report Essay

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Wilkinson Center Volunteer Experience I volunteered at the Wilkinson Center in East Dallas. The Wilkinson Center was founded back in 2003. The Wilkinson Center is a leading poverty rescue and prevention agency for the working poor. They serve over 14,000 people annually, mainly in East and South East Dallas. Not only do they provide food for people, but they also provide several other services too to help people in poverty in the Dallas area. They provide GED, ESL, and computer training classes as well. I also used to volunteer there during their summer camp programs for young kids that range from 1st grade to 8th. Which is a great camp for allowing kids to grow and learn, and experience things that otherwise they would not …show more content…
I had to break down empty boxes initially, but only for a few minutes. After that they took me through the process on how to help families through the pantry line and trained me on how to instruct the clients that came through. Much of the food was canned food, but they also had frozen meats, grapefruits, carrots, pasta, cereal, pastries, and a few other items. The amount or serving size of the items the clients could get was dependent on the size of the family. Each client had to register their family before they could receive help from the Wilkinson Center’s food pantry, because there is a setup to where there is a monitor at the front of the pantry room, and it shows the clients name, picture and family size. I liked that because I was able to greet them by their names when I saw them and it made the whole pantry line process easier because I already knew what they could and could not get. I did run into one problem at the end. What I found interesting was that every client I had made sure that they got their peanut butter. That seemed to be the most important item overall that the clients wanted.
One lady was registered as a family of one, but she was asking if she could have diapers; the food pantry also provided infant needs like diapers and baby food. She was telling me she had two grandchildren that live with her. I had to ask the other volunteers that were there and it ended up holding us

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