Wilderness Sports And Adventure Education Essay

1452 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
Physical Education is no longer the stereotypical running laps in a gymnasium type of class. In today’s culture PE has become more progressive and allows for more “outside of the box” teaching strategies, topics, and exercises. The emergence of Wilderness Sports/Adventure Education is the perfect example of a new topic that is far from the conventional ways of a Physical education class. In brief, these topics use unique situations and purposeful activities to provide an environment for learning. But more specifically, Wilderness Sports promote physically challenging outdoor activities (ex. camping, backpacking, canoeing, hiking, etc.) While Adventure Education can be defined as, activities in which obstacles are used or environments are created to challenge students to solve problems while under stress (Kelly/Melograno 61). Ultimately, applying this topic of Physical Education in class can be achieved by teaching students alternatives to mainstream sports in order to broaden their athletic horizons. Also, Wilderness Sports/Adventure Education can be used in a Physical Education class in order to introduce lifelong psychomotor skills to students. Lastly, implementing this topic in a Physical Education class will allow the students to have a more in-depth learning experience because they will be learning by doing it themselves. There are many upsides to using this curriculum model in a Physical Education class, all of which end up coming back to the idea of enhancing the…

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