Why Youths May Seek Out Gang Involvement Essays

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1.) There are many reasons why youths may seek out gang involvement. Many gangs offer youth a sense of belonging, via acceptance and gang loyalty which was crucial in the videos. Gangs can provide an identity for their members and a way to acquire a status. This is an attribute to the Social Disorganization/ Sociocultural View according to the text. Using chapter 8 to help guide this point is, children with weak to no ties toward their families, community and or religion may channel their energy toward gangs for their substitute. The text would look at the above example as the Psychological View, which looks at the gang as an outlet for disturbed and troubled youth. Another element of gangs and other various groups are companionship and activities. Gangs have many forms of initiation and “training” that may entice juveniles to live a life of “excitement” and high stake lifestyle. The chicago video mentioned that gangs prey on children who lack a support from their homes. Gangs offer protection and if a youth lived in a area that was high risk a gang would be a safe haven for them. H20 from the Chicago gang video, emphasised peer pressure. Peer pressure can stem from friends as well as even family members who could be involved with a gang. Some children even grow up where that is the norm and their lifestyle will be tailored toward a gang. H20 also spoke about the financial gain that comes along with selling drugs and what benefits there are. He said that selling drugs was…

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