Why Young Female Adults Should Have Knowledge And Ways Of Getting Birth Control Contraceptives And Condoms Available

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Another aspect Mahbubur Rahman and Abbey Berenson were looking at in their study was the how many sexual partners these young girls had in the year prior to the study. This showed that about 62% were having 3 or more sexual partners the year prior to the study, along with that they were not just having normal intercourse they were practicing unprotected oral and anal sex. It is not healthy for these young adolescents to be having sexual relations with people and not use protection because they risk getting an STI or STD and or getting pregnant, about 157 of the young females had at least one STI diagnosed during the year prior to the study and 163 of them was pregnant in the year prior to the study. (Rhaman 3). This is yet another reason why young female adults should have knowledge and ways of getting birth control contraceptives and condoms available.
In the years 1991-2003 sexually active high school students answered a survey that asked them a serious of questions. Using the survey, John Santelli, Brian Morrow, John Anderson and Laura Lindberg, collected data to use to prove what they were testing, that not enough of the teenagers were using contraceptives that were having sexual intercourse. About 3.1% from 2,306 female adolescents answered that they used pills and condoms when having sexual relations with their partners. They also asked young males to answer the same questions, they were not necessarily the females ' partners, 2,333 participated in this and only…

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