Rae Concha's Argumentative Essay

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Why would Rae Concha intentionally kill Jason Johnson, his best friend with his Adderall? It is a known fact that Jason died, and that Adderall and alcohol was found in his body but was it really Rae Concha that caused it? Dr. Casey Burke testified that Jason’s abuse of alcohol caused cardiac arrest, killing him. He got all of the information to get to this conclusion from the autopsy that Dr. Ricki Sanchez did, and from Jason’s previous medical records. If there is an issue with his examination, it would be due to inaccurate information from Dr. Sanchez’s autopsy. But both doctors agreed that there was Adderall in Jason. Was Rae actually the seller of this drug?
The prosecution says he sold Jason drugs for the money but if he was in such need of money that he would cause the death of his best friend, why would he volunteer at Achieve rather than get a job that pays? Rae
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This is because Alex was negatively influencing Jason. And when Officer Doherty, under the guise of Sam Shumway, asked Jason who gave him the Adderall he shut down, trying to protect his dealer, Alex. But maybe the thought going through your head is, “Alex could not be the drug dealer. He does not have access to Adderall.” Yet Rae’s car was broken into in January and Adderall was stolen. Alex could have easily been the one to have stolen it. With all of this against Alex why was he not examined just as closely as Rae? In conclusion, Rae would not sell drugs because he fights it and wouldn’t kill his best friend, there is more evidence against Alex than Rae, and the cause of the cardiac arrest that caused Jason’s death is not even confirmed though alcohol is the most likely cause. There is more than enough evidence that Rae Concha is not guilty of the charges of which he is accused. Your honor, Find Rae Concha not guilty of drug dealing and the second degree murder of Jason Johnson, his

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