Why We Should Not Cut Pe Essay example

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While there are both authors and researchers who have optimistic views, there are also those with doubts in regards to the future of physical education. I am personally a person who is optimistic about the direction of physical education. I see physical education becoming more about creating active lifestyles for canadians and having a greater presence in schools today. For example I see a shift from a sport and competitive heavy classroom to a more inclusive active for life classroom. I also see Alberta eventually following Manitoba in making physical education mandatory for all grades, when we see more Manitoba adults being physically active later in life. The reasons I think that the future looks bright for physical education are numerous.
The first reason to physical education having a greater presence in schools today is that research is pointing to academic success being related to physical activity and physical education. Therefore there will be a shift in thinking to encourage physical education as a necessary part of the education process. This point is exemplified in an article called Why we should not cut PE by Troust, S. & Van der Mars, H. (2009). In this article there is reference to research where time was taken away from academic classes and given to physical education and yet the students continued to show similar results in the academic arena. In the similar research discussed by Troust, S. & Van der Mars, H. (2009) some students who participated in more…

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