Why We Join A Gang Essay

729 Words Mar 4th, 2016 3 Pages
How about we join a gang, and I am serious about joining this gang. There so many options out there that are plausible, but first we must weigh out the poor choices. With there being so many gangs open for business and always accepting new members we’re bound to find a place that can suit our needs. A few gangs that may be suitable options are the Black P. Stones and any police department; each gang has something that attracts new recruits; the reason may be connected to fear, choice, circumstance or another variable. Out of the two gangs the best gang would be the police due to circumstance. The police just like any other gang give a since of belonging, status, and an amount of financial gain. McFeeters has argued that, “The Social Identity Theory has traditionally highlighted the motivating force of a person 's desire to have a positive self-concept through membership in groups that share the same values”(McFeeters 2); a gang is more than just protection and power, the need of belonging to a group with the same value is far more important. In any gang there is the “us versus them” or “ingroup” and “outgroup”. The world of a police officer may not be the same as it seems in television and cinema however some of what is portrayed in the entertainment world is correct and it 's the ingroup and outgroup. There are experts that say people only become police officers in order to gain power and status and power, yet there are also others that proclaim people become officers of…

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