Why Is Christopher Columbus Important To American History

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is an important figure to American history. Although he is known for being the first to discover the Americas, this is not true. Columbus discovered the West Indies, which today is known as the Bahamas. His discovery would still change the world.
Columbus was a sailor who believed that the Atlantic Ocean was a narrow channel of water separating Europe from Asia. He wanted to prove his theory true because he knew if he did he would be a hero for discovering another way to get to Asia. After 6 long years, he was funded by royal support from Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Columbus was then able to set sail with his three ships the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria in August 1492. After the
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Mainly in Modern North America, where English claimed the land as their own. Jamestown is important to American history because it is accounted for as the first permanent and successful English settlement in America that led to the migration of people coming to America.
King James in 1606, gave the land from modern North-Carolina to south New York to the Virginia Company of London. Which they then used to make their first settlement in Virginia called Jamestown. Just as the Spanish had done before them, they sent only males to makeup the settlement. These men wanted to go to the new world in search of better opportunity. These men imagined they were going to find gold and other precious commodities that they could become rich from. But when they arrived after the 4 month journey and settled, they found no gold, they found nothing but hardships and difficulties. They then named their settlement Jamestown in honor of their King who had given them the opportunity to come to the new world. After nine months of harsh living conditions of bad water, and soil only thirty eight of the one hundred twenty men lived. The Virginia Company had then again decided to send more men to Jamestown which had added up to twelve hundred men by 1611, and only half of them were still alive by that point. Some of the men died from disease but a majority from famine. They believed they would command over the Indians, but they could not dictate
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Christopher Columbus found the West Indies which sparked the finding of America. Which led to one of the earliest and most popular and successful settlements in America known as Jamestown. After Jamestown more people wanted to come to the new world to settle. With everyone wanting a piece of the new world, conflict arose with who got what. This was the reason for the French and Indian war. After the British defeated the French and left to go back home, they had to turn back because the Native Americans did not want their home land to be taken over by the British. For this reason there was an uprising of Native Indians attacking settlers and colonies, known as Pontiacs rebellion. Though the British were victorious in both of these conflicts, it was a heavy toll on British’s economy because they had spent so much money fighting the wars. During these conflicts, colonists were cutting every corner to avoid paying taxes to the country that was helping them. Britain was frustrated with this so they imposed heavier taxes on the colonies and passed certain laws the colonies were furious with. This led to the colonist rebellion against the British called the Revolutionary war. When the Americans had pushed the British out and became the victors. America became its own Independent country from Britain. Westward expansion then became an obligation, so America bought the entire territory of Louisiana from the

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