Why Was Christopher Columbus A Hero

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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is an important figure to American history. Although he is known for being the first to discover the Americas, this is not true. Columbus discovered the West Indies, which today is known as the Bahamas. His discovery would still change the world.
Columbus was a sailor who believed that the Atlantic Ocean was a narrow channel of water separating Europe from Asia. He wanted to prove his theory true because he knew if he did he would be a hero for discovering another way to get to Asia. After 6 long years, he was funded by royal support from Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Columbus was then able to set sail with his three ships the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria in August 1492. After the six week, three thousand mile journey, Columbus finally landed on what he believed to be Asia. But in reality it was an Island today known as the Bahamas. He called the Island the West Indies. Here he was greeted by the natives, what he called Indians. He claimed the West Indies as Spanish land, and then explored the other islands around the West Indies. Columbus then returned to Spain in 1506 with great honor.
The reason Columbus is an American hero is because he
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So he signed a treaty from Spain that gave him Louisiana, which was formerly owned by the French. But when he tried to take Saint-Domingue he lost a fortune because the civil war destroyed the economy. America then asked Britain for an alliance so they could defeat the French. War then broke out in Europe and Napoleon knew he could not resist American troops taking Louisiana because he had his hands full in Europe. So Napoleon decided it was better if he sold it to America, which he did in 1803 for fifteen million dollars. America then owned the entirety of Louisiana. This led to a migration of civilization to the west. Which kept America expanding and to grow much

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