Why United States Public High School Students Should Be Given Condoms

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Sally and her boyfriend want to engage in sexual intercourse but are not sure where to get condoms. Jessica a junior in high school is pregnant because her boyfriend did not use a condom. Jerry is scared he may have gotten a sexually transmitted disease from the girl he hooked up with last night. These are examples of three high school students who could have avoided the situations that they are in, if high schools provided condoms to their students. After a two-year study in Philadelphia, the percent of students using condoms increased six percent. (Dodd, par. 2). A number of schools are looking to change their polices on condom distribution. This issue has resulted in plenty of discussion over the last ten years. There are three reasons why United States public high school students should be given condoms. There are teens who do not have a way of receiving condoms, there would be fewer teenage pregnancies, and the rate of sexually transmitted diseases would decrease significantly. While some people feel that condoms and high school students do not mix, they may be missing the bigger picture. Indeed, United States public high school students should be provided with condoms. In the first place, students do not have the resource of acquiring condoms. There are many high school students who start experimenting at a young age. This means they do not have the ability to drive. Many of them do not even know that there are clinics that give out free condoms. Also most high…

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