Why Twelfth Night And She 's The Man Are Alike Essay

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Why Twelfth Night and She 's the Man are Alike

Twelfth Night and She 's the Man are similar in some themes and plot, but only have obvious contrast between time periods, theme, and motive leaving it mostly similar. Twelfth Night is a play written by Shakespeare and is a play that takes place in the 1620’s and is about how Viola (the main character) disguises herself as a man and becomes a servant to a man to help a noblewoman (Olivia) go through the stages of grief after Olivia 's brother dies ; Viola is able to help because her brother died as well and knows what she is going through, but Viola doesn 't know that her brother is alive and she looks like him because they 're twins so they end up crossing each other path and screwing up each others lives/plans and the truth get revealed in the end. She 's the Man is a movie based on the play (Twelfth Night) that takes place in a modern day high school and is about a girl named Viola who wants to be able to play on the soccer team after the girls team is cut so her only hope is the boys team , which nobody will let her be apart of so while her brother is gone to perform in London she pretends to be him for the duration that he is gone; Viola then makes the soccer team . She also has to pretend she is a guy and she has little slip ups here and there, but manages to convince everyone. When her brother comes home unexpectedly they get each other 's lies mixed up until everything comes out in the end. They both share a very…

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