Why The Soul Can Not Exist Essay examples

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One of the most common arguments that derives from philosophy is the existence of souls. Many people do believe that they have a soul while others believe they do not, each having their own reasons why. One of these arguments for not having a soul is just by looking at the brain. This is where our Emotions, Personality and memories come from and where they are stored. By taking a deep look into the brain, one can conclude that souls do not actually exist. There are many reasons for why the Soul cannot exist in the brain. One of these reasons, for example, is any type of sense-altering drugs such as marijuana or alcohol. Those who believe in the soul think that it controls the brain and its processes. However, when smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol, it is simple to see how these drugs can affect the brain; but there is no way to see how the brain can make one’s soul experience that high feeling. As James V. McConnell said in his book Understanding Human Behavior, “…how does your purely spiritual or psychological ‘mind’ pull the biological strings that make your neurons fire and your muscles move?” Without any way to prove how a soul could experience intoxication, yet the brain still impairs a person while intoxicated, it proves that there is no way that a soul could have control over a person. This is just one of the first parts to the argument against a soul. The next part of this argument is that the soul has no effect on our emotions. Our emotions are physical…

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