Why The Lobbying Profession Is An Honorable And Necessary One

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1. Please discuss three reasons why the Lobbying Profession is an honorable and necessary one and three reasons why it is a destructive influence on democracy and our system of governing. Lobbying is a controversial topic. However, there are many reasons the profession is necessary. Most Americans do not have the time and resources to lobby for the issues they care about most. They cannot travel to Washington, D.C. or their state capitol to lobby legislatures and political leaders. Instead, lobbyists represent these Americans. Professional lobbyists also provide organized representation of interests. There are hundreds of interests. If every citizen were to write a letter about some policy whenever they thought about it or started some protest at a random time it would not be effective. Lobbyists organize the people who care about issues and the actions they take to support their causes to ensure that they are effective. Professional lobbyists also provide knowledge and talent that the average concerned citizen does not have. They understand how government works, what tools work best and when specific action is necessary among other important information. Of course, there are also reasons to be concerned. There are some lobbyists and interests which they represent who have more access to politicians than other lobbyists. Lobbyists for banks and large corporations come to mind here. Many of the interests these lobbyists represent have more resources as well to fund their…

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