Why The Coal Fired Electricity Production? Essay

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In the 21st Century there are several energy production methods, they can be cheap yet inefficient or expensive and more efficient. However, fossil fuels are used because they are efficient and easy to acquire, but they affect the environment. Coal-Fired electricity production has been around since the Industrial Revolution, this means that coal-fired electricity that still makes up 61% of the electricity produced in Australia (Department of Industry and Science, 2015). Therefore, it makes complete sense that Australia should progress into a more efficient, environmentally friendly type of electricity production. An alternative, but an advantageous form of electricity production is in the form of a Uranium-Fuelled nuclear reactor.
Coal-Fired electricity production is a method of energy production in which coal is burnt in which the heat turns water into steam and runs the steam through a turbine. As according to the editor’s at (Duke Energy , 2016) “In a coal-fired steam station—much like a nuclear station—water is turned into steam, which in turn drives turbine generators to produce electricity.” To turn the water into steam, the coal must first be pulverised into fine powder and then fed through a hopper into a boiler where the pulverised coal is burnt to a staggering temperature of 573⁰C. Then water runs through a piping system over the boiler where the water is boiled into steam and fed through a turbine, the steam is then cooled back into water and cycled through the…

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