Why Teaching Basic Math Skills Is Important Essay

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Why Basic Theory is Important in Teaching Mathematics

Nicole Galloway

Math 601 Number Systems
Research Paper

The first and most important question I am going to ask is, is math important and why. Math, it's everywhere. You just can't avoid it; no matter how hard you try. We use math when we're trying to figure out how much fertilizer is needed for fields of corn, onions, or cotton. We use math when we want to bake two-dozen of those mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies that our children will devour as soon as they come barreling through the door. What do we use when we need to know how much money is in our checking account? You've got it, math! Just try to build that extra room without using math. It can't
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Would teachers benefit from programs that link teachers’ mathematical preparation and knowledge to their students’ achievements? The next question to answer is knowing the difference of how to do math and knowing math in ways that are usable in the practice of teaching. There are several people in this world that are strong at math but that does not mean they are going to be a good teacher. It is also the same to say that just because someone may make a great teacher does not mean they will make a great math teacher. It is important for teachers to know where they are starting from and be able to build upon their skill based on the math subjects they are teaching. Another important step is for teachers to think from the learners’ perspective and consider what it takes to understand a math idea seeing if for the first time. Teachers need to be able to anticipate misunderstandings and be able to look at the learners’ questions and help them break down the task to steps they may understand. In the lower levels of math it is important to keep all topics taught very concrete. This will help students build a firm understanding

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