Essay about Why Students Should Wait Time

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Wait time is defined as the time between the teacher’s question asked and the response of the student. Wait time is important because some students may not understand the question therefore, the teacher may not get the best responses from students. Research says that normally teachers only wait one second before student’s response. The amount a time a teacher should wait is between three to five seconds. Research has been proven that when teachers wait three to five seconds, there is a change in student’s responses. One of the changes is that the number of student responses increases and the occurrence of non-responses decreases. Also, the increase in time allows students to have more evidence in support of their responses and more the child is more confident answering questions. To carry out the concept of wait time, teachers should ask students to refrain from responding until a student volunteers or the teacher identifies someone. This will help the teacher get equal responses from students. Wait time can seem uncomfortable for students at first. Therefore, to help students adjust the extended time, repeat and rephrase the question. Also, suggest and help students to write their responses that they come up with. Some students can better articulate their responses once they are write them down.

Effective questioning is a vital part of the classroom. It also helps students be able to answer questions more accurately and it is used as an assessment too for teachers.…

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