Essay on Why Students Should Be Entering Higher Education

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Students who will be entering higher education may not know what the future holds for them, and that includes their partner if they are in a relationship. Should students work at making their relationship work, or become single and ready to mingle?
Arriving at university with a relationship has its advantages and disadvantages. The pros include having another person to confide in during the beginning of term when you may not have many friends, or learnt all of your housemate 's names yet. It is also beneficial to students who are suffering from feeling homesick and have another reason to travel home for. Although a relationship can help you to deal with the new anxieties and issues you may be dealing with within the first term, it won 't necessarily guarantee you will deal with it successfully. A relationship that started prior to university may act as a distraction for the student 's studies, mingling abilities and the adjustment of their new student life. It can make it more difficult to become settled and students may find themselves relying on their spouse about their struggles.
If your partner is also at university at another location, this situation can cause anxiety and worries about infidelity, or cause problems within the relationship as the two institution 's timetables may not match up completely making it harder for the two involved to schedule Facetime/Skype or phone calls, as well as visiting times. Whereas if a student 's partner is not at university, and is…

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