Essay on Why Students Drop Out Of School And When They Do

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Education is a prominent source for success within this country. Students who dropout, unfortunately, don’t have much a strong chance to better their lives and attend college, in most cases. Knowledge is something that students can never obtain too much of—there’s no such thing. There are many reasons to why students drop out of school and when they do, most have no intention on wishing to further pursue their education. Dropouts continue to be a huge issue within the school system. Using evidence from scholarly journals, it was viewed that one simple way to decrease the dropout rates is to increase the compulsory education age to allow students to remain in school longer and help them achieve a higher secondary diploma. In doing so, studies have shown this has decreased the dropout rate by 2.5%. However, there were some cautions that arouse in the study. It mainly depends on the individuals of a group of students. Joshua Angrist and Alan B. Krueger were among the first to use compulsory education laws to estimate the returns to schooling (and early school-leaving) in 1991. Using compulsory education laws as an implement, they find that about 25% of potential dropouts stay longer in school because of compulsory schooling laws. Additionally, they provided support for the beneficial impact of longer school attendance on earnings, signifying returns of about 7.5%. After the policy reform was taken into action, some students took the initiative in leaving high school at the…

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