Why Sleep Is A Biological Need Essay

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Why Sleep?
Like food, sleep is a biological need. Many people do not try to go without food for a day, but often, people skimp out on sleep which leads to many problems. Today, many people are not getting enough of sleep because they are trying to balance school, extracurriculars, and maintain healthy relationships. Teens need an average of eight to nine hours of sleep while adults need seven to eight hours to function normally. Without a sufficient amount of sleep, a person can suffer from immune problems, health issues, and/or psychological and emotional consequences because they are cutting the rapid eye movement (REM), stage down short.
There are two types of sleep with four stages of sleep overall: three NREM (non-rapid eye movement) stages and one REM (rapid eye movement) stage. The human body has its own clock; it goes through a period of sleepiness and a period of attentiveness once every 24 hours (Abramovitz). When someone falls asleep, first comes NREM sleep. There are three stages of NREM sleep, each lasting 5 to 15 minutes. During the first stage of NREM sleep, the person’s eyes are closed, but they can easily be woken up. Stage two of NREM sleep means that the person is in a light sleep; their heart rate and temperature has dropped, meaning the body is preparing for a deeper sleep. The deepest sleep stage is the final stage of the NREM sleep; during this stage, the immune system is strengthened, the body builds bones, and it regrows tissue all in this stage.…

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