Persuasive Essay On Why We Sleep

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At the University of Rochester scientists have figured out why we sleep. Apparently we sleep because at night, when we go to bed our brains wipes itself and then it figures out what to keep and what to throw away. Whenever a student studies for 4 hours a night for a test and then wakes up not remember any of it is because the brain reads that has some useless information and decides to delete it. Where does the information go? Well it first comes from your cells working and the waste, the things that are being deleted, goes into a tube that carries cerebrospinal fluid that goes down your spine and goes to kidney which can be used to make urine and you can flush it down the toilet. Plus when you 're sleeping that tube, or channel, gets tighter …show more content…
If you ever have diabetes, maybe one way of you having it could be lack or too much sleep. If you don’t get enough or are lacking sleep you can be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Because of the way your body produces glucose and cells could use that glucose for them to use that for fuel. Ways on how sleep can affect your life expectancy is if you sleep less that 5 hours a night your mortality rate can increase by 15%. Around 50 to 70 million Americans are affected with diseases that can keep them awake at night, but most people don’t mention it their doctors and doctors don’t ask about them. You all must know that not getting enough sleep can affect on your performance throughout the day and cause accidents that can become very costly. People believe that sleep deprivation was the fault of the accident of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in 1986. Also the explosion of the space shuttle, Challenger, played a huge role during these …show more content…
Whenever we are having lack of sleep, or sleep deprived, we tend to lose

focus and don’t pay attention as well as we did when we are fully awake. Now, in our brain there are little neurons and those are used to coordinate information. Since we aren’t getting enough sleep we need, those neurons can’t function and that 's why people who are sleepy don’t get good grades or always ask what 's going on. Some people in the world or the U.S. take medication for sleep and that can suppress REM sleep. But most people don’t know is that when you take those medications it can cause lesions on your brainstem and that can severely mess up your brain. Apparently studies have shown that people who can’t sleep at night tend to drink alcohol. There are two reasons on why people drink when they can’t sleep, alcohol can be used as a sedative, and can be used when drunk so that way you can sleep better. Finally it can be used to kinda slow down your brain and parts of your body to help you fall asleep. One fact is that when you fall asleep, your heartbeat decreases because you’re not using all the muscles and organ you use while you’re

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