Essay about Why Should You Vote For Donald Trump?

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Why should you vote for Donald Trump?
Why not?
What’s the worst that can happen? He can either keep the country exactly where it is (and it can’t get much worse for 99% of the people)—or he might be our knight in shining armor, the one America has been awaiting for decades.
Mr. Trump is refreshingly blunt, honest, and authentic. When Donald Trump speaks his mind and tells the whole world what he is thinking, he is actually is saying what millions of Americans are thinking but are afraid to say. His campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again!” because he is pro-American in everything. He is an outspoken proponent of Immigration reform because he puts the American people first.
Mr. Trump uses his own money to finance his campaign, so he’s not obligated to give special favors to campaign donors like the other candidates are. Think of it this way: since he’s using his own money, he can do what he believes is best for America, without having to do what big donors tell him to do.
Trump will work well with Congress and world leaders because that is what he is used to doing. After all, he is a billionaire businessman. He knows to make a deal that works for people, which is why he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in modern history. Donald Trump will do his best not to let America down. Why? This guy doesn’t like to fail. He wants to win at all costs. He does everything he can to win, because it boost his ego. Therefore, if boosting Trump’s ego gets America in a…

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