Why Should You Be A Policy? Essays

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Millions of people are being taken advantage of every year by giant research companies. Large corporations are making millions of dollars off of the tissues removed from cancer patients with-out them ever knowing. It turns out that when the tissue is removed from patients they are not told where their cancerous tissues are being sent for testing and research, or if the tissues were a beneficial in helping find a cure for the disease. That is why there should be a policy set in place that requires drug companies and research facilities to inform the tissue owner about the location and test results of the tissue. Recognition should be given for any benefits that resulted from the use of a patient’s tissue, and proceeds from the serums should be granted to the patients for reimbursement of their medical cost.
When a patients have surgery to remove cancerous tissues from their bodies the tissues are sent to labs where they are tested and a number of different types of research are done to find means of treating the disease. Often times these test result in a very profitable serum that grosses these companies’ large amounts of money. The tissues are the reason the companies have a serum to sell and while these large companies are wracking in cash, the patients are living in poverty, they buried in medical bills, and completely unaware of where the tissues went, where a study was done, and if a serum was developed from their tissues . These tissues are owned by the patient…

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