Why Should We Help The Homeless

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Imagine yourself walking down the street coming from home and going to work. On the way to work you see a homeless person holding up a sign that says, “Please donate”, with a bucket on the front. What would people do at this situation? Many have ignored the homeless and few have helped. There are reasons why we ignore them instead of helping, but helping someone in our world is a “good deed”. We consider that helping the homeless is a good deed because helping can make positive change. So, how can we help the homeless and why should we help them? There are many ways we can help. We can help the homeless by giving them something they need, providing them a shelter or donating. Homelessness is a problem around the world not just here …show more content…
Helping the homeless isn’t that hard. People think that homeless people need a lot of things, but they don’t. Many homeless people just need a place to stay, and some food and water. What humanity can do to help the homeless is to give them what they need not want. If we don’t have things like food and water, we get weak and so do they. To help them we can build a mini wood house for a place to stay and maybe give some cash. Referring to the people who got interviewed, they said donations can help, and giving them money. Not all people agree on helping the homeless. Some people think that this is not worth their time and think it is a waste of money. But helping the homeless, you also get a reward. There might be a time when we get to a situation when we are in need of help. Putting ourselves in that person’s shoe and realizing that no one is doing anything to help is sad. Most homeless people are without jobs and without help. Imagine begging to people on the streets to give you donations or money. Then they look at you and think that this person is crazy. No one would want to have the feeling of being hated for no reason. Helping the homeless gives us the opportunity to redeem ourselves and gives the homeless the opportunity to start over with a new job and

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