Essay Against Death Penalty

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Law are made to be obeyed by citizens. Yet, there are many people who goes against the law and does something unhuman. Murdering a person is a serious crime, accident or not. For the people who kill, there are many ways to pay the price of the lives they took. The most extreme is the death penalty. The death penalty allows our country to kill a man who did something unjust. Many people claim that the death penalty is something good for the society. Claiming that the murderer won’t do it again and that they should have the same ending as their victims did. On the other hand, people who are up on the death penalty could be innocents that were falsely accused. Also, the death penalty cost the government a lot of money and is usually racially biased. The death penalty should be abolished because the government contributing unnecessary large amount of funding, it’s racially biased, and could be killing innocent and violates our rights.

The government funds vast amount of money just to kill someone on death penalty. The amount of money required for the
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Trials are not one hundred percent right. The death penalty has killed dozens of innocent lives. Funding those killing is the government. The government funds millions of dollars into these unjust killing. The money that is being used could be used in a better way, like for financial aid for college students or school supplies for the poor. Also, these unjust killings are taking away our moral right to live. This means they have no right to say when they live or when they die. The death penalty is the state stating that we have to willingly give up their life. It is also racially biased against other races, which makes it unjust and unequal to most of the citizens. These are the reason why the death penalty should be abolished completely from the

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