Why Should Teachers Use Technology And / Or Social Media Essay

2399 Words Sep 29th, 2016 10 Pages
To what extent should teachers use technology and/or social media in the classroom? The what extent should teachers be using technology and/or social media in the classroom has become quite a hot topic. Technology is all around us and impacts our lives more today than ever before. For many of us the first thing we do in the morning before we get out of bed or last thing we do at night before closing our eyes is grab our smart phones or tablets and explore the internet or social media. The internet is one of the key aspects that keeps society going today and is more easily accessible than ever before. With the never ending advancements in technology and it being so tightly embedded into how society functions, it is becoming more important that people are able to use technology functionally and efficiently or they will be in danger of falling behind in the world. “Policy discussions and regulatory documents are beginning to recognize the economic, social and civic importance of critical, analytical thinking (Nelson, 2015). It is teachers jobs to prepare our students to be able to analyze and think critically about sources they come across online as it is so easy for anyone to publish things to the internet today. However, a potential problem integrating technology into the classroom is that it is not cheap. To provide all schools and students with the equal opportunity to reliable technology fulfils the needs of a classroom can cause quite a financial strain especially for…

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