The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom

Register to read the introduction… I do find it rude when others can’t notice when they take it to far and start to distract the class, I pay a lot of money to go to school and I don’t like my time money or time being wasted over students who don’t know how act like mature adults. I think the Darden officials took things a little far when they added the switch for internet access in classrooms, although I see where they were coming from, I think that was a bit drastic. Although I disagree with the way Darden handled the situation I do believe that there are other ways for things to be dealt with. Perhaps there should be classrooms that don’t allow laptops at all or on certain days, it should be left up to the teacher to decide how he/she wants to direct his/her classroom. I have a lot of common ground with the author on this subject; I too believe that students should be able to control themselves, if they can’t handle the simple task of paying attention in class and proper laptop etiquette then being in Business school is a waste because they won’t learn anything from it because they’ve always been to busy typing away on social networks to pay attention. The only new thing to me in this article is the fact that a school actually installed a switch that can terminate interact access while in class. Although I find it very childish, I also think it is incredibly fascinating that someone was able to think of that. This essay made me think that they’re will be professors’ in the future that will totally ban computer use in class further making students upset because they pay thousands of dollars every semester, so they’ll feel entitled to be able to use their computers no matter what. Although some student abuse the privilege of computer use in class,

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