Should Gmo Be Banned

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We live in an era that is vastly changing by the technological advances in all fields. New medicines and health procedures, more environmentally friendly vehicles and energy resources, even our knowledge of the universe. We have gained so much, but there is still controversy on everything we do to gain more advances in everything we know. A big controversy is the talk on the food we eat. The huge deal today is about Genetically Modified Organisms more commonly known as gmos and the rival of organics. The latter of people today agree that gmo’s are bad and should be banned from existence, I’m here to give my opinion as a farmer and researcher that gmos are not as bad as people think and to clear up bias of organics.

I have lived my whole life on a farm. My family wasn’t big on livestock so we took to field crops and gardens. When i was
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I also produce organic raspberries and such, but it grinds my gears to know that people are saying that GMO and conventional farming are bad for everyone when they really aren’t. These are mostly people who do not know the first thing about growing food. These people want to go back to the times when we had no GMOs. If this happened, there would be no way to feed the world with just organic food. Along with the weather and the decreasing land and farmers, at least half of the world would go hungry. The average farmer feeds about 155 people a year and that number is steadily increasing. Farmers, environmentalists, and scientists, work hard each day to help keep our planet and our bodies safe, as well as keep the farmers in business. Before judging a farmer on what he/she does for a living, know that they feed you and are trying to feed themselves too. A vast majority of farmers that have gone out of business have tried to meet the demands of people in this society who don’t know what is really going on. These crops are either killed by insects, bad weather, or poor

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