Explain Why Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

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Animals should not be kept in Zoos
As a kid, I feel like we all visited zoos with our families as a fun way to pass time. It was a lighthearted form of amusement with exotic and interesting animals. What kid would not love to visit the zoo? When you are young, nothing is ever bad or wrong in your eyes. All over the world there are animals being kept in containment for the enjoyment of people. While it may seem harmless and all fun and games, it is not. These animals are being kept from living how they were meant to be in the wild. For many reasons this is not okay. It is inhumane for animals to be kept away from their natural habitats so they should not be held in zoos or unnecessary captivity as it causes unnatural behavior and emotions in the animals.
Animals should not be kept in unnecessary confinement. You are keeping them away from their natural habitat. Every zoo keeps animals in a cage a fraction of the size of their natural habitat. This has serious backlash on the animals’ mental state. Keeping the animals away from their natural habitat in a relatively small confined space causes a psychological condition called zoochosis. Some symptoms “include high infant mortality and a tendency to pace around in a cage” says Mark Derr, an American author and journalist known for his
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Mating is a natural thing for animals to do. Yet again, this is another natural instinct that will be suppressed due to the mistreatment of zoos. If the animals are not able to mate under the circumstances, it is obvious that a certain species within the zoo will eventually die off. Once they die off new animals obtained from the wild will just replace the species. Therefore continuing the ongoing cycle of capturing animals and forcing them to adapt to the new ways of life, which in this case means the chance of not being able to carry out the natural action of

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