Why Shame Is The Most Important Emotion That Is Commonly Felt Within A Person?

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Shame Shame is an important emotion that is commonly felt within a person in many different situations. It can affect your pride and self-esteem. It is caused is by humiliation and guilt. I found that out when I was in eighth grade. I never did know that experiencing shame could be the worst feeling ever. It all started when I got in the eighth grade. I was very excited to be promoted to eight grade. On the night before my first day of eight grade, I met each one of my teachers. Their names were: Mrs. Conley, Ms. Stock, Mr. Hanes, and Mrs. Foreman. Mrs. Conley was my math teacher and Ms. Stock was my Physical Science teacher. Also, Mr. Hanes was my Georgia Studies teacher and Mrs. Foreman was my English/Language Arts teacher. I made sure I observed who would be in my homeroom class, which was Mrs. Conley. Each time a student walked in the class room, I turned my neck around so fast till the fact that my mom told me to stop being nosey. After that, my family and I headed home. There were blue light flashing everywhere as we were heading home. It was scads of cars waiting for the police to direct us through the traffic. The police were sweating very badly, because the sun was beaming on their pale, white skin. Eventually I made it home after waiting for half an hour. Finally, on the first day of school, I rode the bus. I would often call it the big, yellow cheese. I wanted my parents to take me, but I had no choice. Once, I made it to school I went to…

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