Why Schools Should Be Evolving With Technology Essay

1165 Words May 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Many schools are facing the difficult decision of how to better their students’ education. They have to make the decision whether they should move to an all digital learning style or keep teaching as they are, with printed textbooks and paper. There are problems with keeping printed textbooks and continuing to have paper assignments. Problems include textbooks weighing too much, textbooks costing too much, and the problem of accidentally losing textbooks and assignments, or leaving them at school. The main solution to this problem is for schools to completely switch to an all digital learning system. There are positives and negatives when switching teaching methods. Schools changing their teaching methods is a solution in many ways. By using this technology, students are able to receive higher testing scores. The technology is now a more mobile, helpful, and effective way of teaching. Schools should be evolving with technology, since it is such a useful resource in everyday living. Schools keeping the printed textbooks and paper assignments is a problem because these textbooks are heavy to carry around. A backpack with all the textbooks a high school student needs in one year weighs about 40 pounds. This is a heavy amount to be carrying to class, home, and around the hallways. If a student were to have homework in many classes in one night, it could be a hard task to carry those books everywhere. Choosing printed textbooks over a digital teaching system is a problem also…

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