Why School Uniforms Should Be Required Essay

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Requiring School Uniforms
Being a little older than the average student it seems that peer pressures were different from what they are now. Friends my age remember going through grade school, junior high school and high school and not having to wear a uniform. In today’s society school age children have tremendous pressures from their peers to fit in and do favorably academically. In order to prepare our children for college and the real world, I believe school uniforms must be required to help our children succeed. I have three reasons why uniforms must be required, first they are economical, second classroom distractions are reduced and third they promote societal fairness.
One concern everyone has is the cost, as I do as a single parent. Parents can easily spend hundreds of dollars a year on clothing for school which can lead to a style competition about fashion. Having a uniform makes it easier on the student and parents by having the convenience of knowing what is to be worn the next day. Simple and nice looking uniforms are affordable for both warm and cool weather passing cost savings and peace of mind to us as parents. Since each student is required to wear the same uniform style, classroom distractions can also be reduced.
Classroom distractions take away from the learning environment and school uniforms cut this by allowing the student to know what is expected of them as far as their dress is concerned. This small amount of discipline and structure can change the…

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